Kinetic Typography

I’m back! I can’t believe I haven’t posted since 2014! (womp womp!)

I think I have found my new love…. KINETIC TYPOGRAPHY! 

What is it exactly?

It’s the best of both worlds: motion and typography used video animation to make it even COOLER!

There are tons of amazing videos that infuse this style. One of my favourites growing up was Kanye West feat. T-Pain – Good Life, who incorporated it into his music video using whiteboard animation, graphic design and motion design… I just had no idea what it was and how it was done! Until now! For more examples, go here to watch some really amazing examples of this fusion.

I’ve been killing it on YouTube and SoundCloud, listening and watching new stuff. I can’t believe I didn’t get to this sooner. Thanks to After Effects (a program I was terrified to even touch before), anything is possible. I have a long way to go in terms of learning and building my skills to a more advanced level… PRO-FESSSSH!

Here’s one animate intro I used for class using my name:

Got any resources/examples/tutorials I should be watching? Any amazing motion graphic artists I should be following and totes creeping their work?

Please let me know! Gracias!



DMA411DC – Creative Photography Book Redesign

For my final typography project, I decided to do it on Richard Bernabe. He takes amazing wildlife, nature and travel photography that are so inspiring. He published a book called Creative Photography filled with his progress and tips on how he approaches his photography. His images are so captivating and I wanted to show more than just the technicality that goes into photography. One day I hope I can travel the world like him and document my journey.

I reassembled his book and re-designed it with a minimalistic approach and stuck to one typeface and played with the negative space and have a magazine feel to it. I chose not to use a decorative font because I don’t think it was needed since the images are already so powerful. Here is my final:

The great thing about this assignment was that I learned a little more about print publication and how much work goes into something before the final product. I had several drafts and there was no other way to see how it would look without doing any test prints. The frustrating part is the set up, printing and binding. I would have liked to print this on a heavier paper weight (but hey student budget!) so I just printed it at school. *Side note* At Seneca Newnham Campus, it’s only 60cents a print for an 11×17, and here at Seneca@York is $2.00 plus change. I should complain to Seneca and fight that we should get a better print center like Newnham Campus. It’s probably just space and budget issues as usual. But I can’t complain, the book is still nice on 8×10 paper folded in half.

This gives me ideas for a fashion lookbook. Stay tuned! My brain is just flowing with ideas!

DMA411 – Digital Dreams 2014 Poster

Part for my Print Production assignment is to continue the brochure assign and create a corresponding poster. I chose to do mine on Digital Dreams because of my new found love for EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

I kept the colour scheme very vibrant and close to the press photos from the website.

DMA411 – Magazine Layout & Interview with Ksignature

The challenge of this magazine layout assignment was to design using a grid and without a grid. I had 2 versions of my “no grid” layout and as much as I like the idea of designing asymmetrical, off page, full bleed, no exact spacing, I couldn’t help but measure and check back everything with a grid! I’m so used to placing guidelines everywhere on my drafts as if it were a tick. I still end up lining up my boxes together, making columns and playing around with the negative space.

The only changes I still need to tweak is to clean up my images more and maybe play around with the luminance tool and filters on Lightroom. However, my screen is not calibrated so colour editing is very limited. Here’s what I came up with so far.

PS: Thank you to the ever so patient stylist, Ksignature for allowing me pick at your brain with all my questions. The complete interview will be coming soon!

Papillon on the Park – Typography Rebranded

For our typography class, we had to choose a menu and redo the typography. I chose to do Papillon on the Park, located in Downtown Toronto. Their menu is simple and easy to read. I kept the typewriter font look but wanted to make it more elegant by adding a script font. I redesigned the name logo and added a butterfly. I forgot to get pictures of the final as I bounded it and made a cover using eska boards and and off-white rice paper for the cover. (Materials purchased from The Paper Place It was my first time using a power drill! (Thanks Daniel!) And I tied string to bind it instead of using screws.

Here is my final printed menu: