DMA423 – VANS Rebrand


Project #1 – Re-branding

I chose VANS because I love shoes and have always been a fan of VANS. I chose this company because it’s something I’m more familiar with compared to the other companies that were given to me.

I did some research about the company and jot down some important notes about how they got started. Here are my brainstorming and preliminary sketches:

JuliaHilao_VANS_Rebrand_Sketch01edit JuliaHilao_VANS_Rebrand_Sketch02edit

I wanted to keep the original font from before. It’s very artsy, freehand and dominant. I played around with the thickness and styles to make it more modern. So far, these are my top 3 sketches that I like.

#1 is very minimalistic; simple lines with the “S” looking more like a digital “5”. I kept this very futuristic and similar to a digital clock.

#2 is more dominant with the combination of thin and thick strokes. I kept it similar to #1 with the diagonal stroke thicker in the letters V, A and N. The “S”, I tweaked the shape to show the checkered/diamond look. This pattern is one of VANS’ most iconic and popular shoes that I remember seeing a lot growing up. (I also put a side note to maybe extend the letter “S” to underline the word VANS.

#3 pays tribute to the classic bubble letter style. Instead of making it more round, I kept it chubby, short and wide. I think it still needs a little more adjustment on whether or not I should keep it 2D or play around with the shadows to give a 3D feel to it.

Colour Schemes:

Possible colour schemes I like for my new VANS logo are these 3 colour swatches I got from


hazOcaso Bold by osadezu


Peachy Keen by SoulStarMecca


Suntan City by merlevine123

The feeling, themes, style and vibe of the VANS company are:


Similar to their original 1966 ad.

The elements of the Brand Foundation:

Core Purpose – Why we exist
Vans exist because of the kids who were not afraid to be different. The kids who wanted to be free to be themselves and have fun.

Vision – Where we are going, and how we’ll know we’re there
Always looking for expansion, get more customers and brand recognition. Vans is no longer just a “skater brand.” But can cater to anyone who likes the style and appreciates their fashion that’s more easy going, funky and artistic.

Mission – What we do every day to get there
Do business well and smart. With style and grace; no shortcuts. To continue to strengthen their brand and not do what other companies are doing. Vans is not Nike, Addidas or Puma. To allow creativity and for the people to be able to contribute to something; make a Vans shoe their own by giving consumers the option to customize. This gives people the flexibility to create what they want and not be dictated by what is only available in stores.

Values – What we believe in/our principles
Vans believes in collaboration with other artists, culture, pay respect and tribute to the past and history, yet be open and embrace the future generations to come. Vans is classic and perfects their craft, yet is always trying something new, taking risks and thinking “outside the box” in order to stay relevant and current in trends. I love that Vans always makes new colourways to their classic shoes but still teams up with artists and illustrators to create a really unique shoe with their original drawings and art.

Position – How we are different
Vans caters to a certain niche and a certain market. People who are professional athletes or love skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and BMX riders. It also attracted the punk rock scene and kids who wanted a laid back style that doesn’t compromise style and performance. At the same time, Vans can be for anybody even if they don’t do these sports.

Positioning Statement – How we say we are different
Vans started off as a family run business and continues on those principles and values. They understand people and know how hard this business can be because they had their share of rough times already, especially in the competitive market. They filed for bankruptcy in 1983 and it took them 3 years to pay all their creditors back.

Character – How we act/our voice
Vans started as a family business, so just like a family, Vans should operate with tender, love, care and respect. Customers are not just customers; they should be guests. By the time someone leaves your store, they can even become your friend. A business won’t thrive without a good, trusting relationship. That starts from the owners, business partners, employees and vendors. How they treat each other will inevitably translate to how their relationships will be with their consumers.


PBA Glue


Pressed leaves with white tissue paper and glue.

Cut & Paste

Cut & Paste

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The famous quote with a suitable graphic I found in a makeup magazine. I made this when Tumblr was getting really popular. I wanted to make my own quote/graphic sort of thing.

Picasso Inspired

Picasso Inspired

Digging through my old high school sketchbook and I saw this. I forgot I had so much old cut and paste magazine clippings I did. Very much like scrap booking, random images that catch my eye always finds a way into my things. I have collected several clippings (like this one) over the years and I like to try and find a way to make use of it. With the advancement and speed of new technology now, print is diminishing more and more. I, on the other hand, who ust embraced the virtual world for only a couple of years now, can’t to seem to let go of all my papers!

So it’s about time I transfer all of my work and put them online to share and archive with the world.

Here is one piece I did that’s inspired by Picasso. This is several magazine clippings of women and their facial features, showing different perspective to give a 3D feel.

Beauty in all its flaws and splendor

Beauty in all its flaws and splendor

I can’t recall where I found the quote. It was a few years back I found it online and I loved it so much, I decided to do something with the text.
I found this gorgeous picture of this model’s face and her eyes struck me. So I kept the text, rewrote it and pasted it on to make this. Ta da!