DMA411DC – Creative Photography Book Redesign

For my final typography project, I decided to do it on Richard Bernabe. He takes amazing wildlife, nature and travel photography that are so inspiring. He published a book called Creative Photography filled with his progress and tips on how he approaches his photography. His images are so captivating and I wanted to show more than just the technicality that goes into photography. One day I hope I can travel the world like him and document my journey.

I reassembled his book and re-designed it with a minimalistic approach and stuck to one typeface and played with the negative space and have a magazine feel to it. I chose not to use a decorative font because I don’t think it was needed since the images are already so powerful. Here is my final:

The great thing about this assignment was that I learned a little more about print publication and how much work goes into something before the final product. I had several drafts and there was no other way to see how it would look without doing any test prints. The frustrating part is the set up, printing and binding. I would have liked to print this on a heavier paper weight (but hey student budget!) so I just printed it at school. *Side note* At Seneca Newnham Campus, it’s only 60cents a print for an 11×17, and here at Seneca@York is $2.00 plus change. I should complain to Seneca and fight that we should get a better print center like Newnham Campus. It’s probably just space and budget issues as usual. But I can’t complain, the book is still nice on 8×10 paper folded in half.

This gives me ideas for a fashion lookbook. Stay tuned! My brain is just flowing with ideas!


DMA411 – Digital Dreams 2014 Poster

Part for my Print Production assignment is to continue the brochure assign and create a corresponding poster. I chose to do mine on Digital Dreams because of my new found love for EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

I kept the colour scheme very vibrant and close to the press photos from the website.