DMA411DC – Creative Photography Book Redesign

For my final typography project, I decided to do it on Richard Bernabe. He takes amazing wildlife, nature and travel photography that are so inspiring. He published a book called Creative Photography filled with his progress and tips on how he approaches his photography. His images are so captivating and I wanted to show more than just the technicality that goes into photography. One day I hope I can travel the world like him and document my journey.

I reassembled his book and re-designed it with a minimalistic approach and stuck to one typeface and played with the negative space and have a magazine feel to it. I chose not to use a decorative font because I don’t think it was needed since the images are already so powerful. Here is my final:

The great thing about this assignment was that I learned a little more about print publication and how much work goes into something before the final product. I had several drafts and there was no other way to see how it would look without doing any test prints. The frustrating part is the set up, printing and binding. I would have liked to print this on a heavier paper weight (but hey student budget!) so I just printed it at school. *Side note* At Seneca Newnham Campus, it’s only 60cents a print for an 11×17, and here at Seneca@York is $2.00 plus change. I should complain to Seneca and fight that we should get a better print center like Newnham Campus. It’s probably just space and budget issues as usual. But I can’t complain, the book is still nice on 8×10 paper folded in half.

This gives me ideas for a fashion lookbook. Stay tuned! My brain is just flowing with ideas!



TODAY I MET MATT BARNES! If you don’t know who he is, he’s an awesome photographer from Toronto that I have been following for a while now. His work is just crazy! See for yourself.

Let me tell you what happened!

I was helping out some classmates with their video assignment and I almost broke my neck when I saw Matt step into the Seneca office. Talk about coincidence? Then he was about to leave…. and I just had to say something. I had to tell George and Mareks to stop shooting for a bit as I jumped out of my seat to introduce myself to him and say hi. And then George took a picture from his phone. Bad quality. So dark. Low res, high luv!

The IDP Program Coordinator, Ray was so kind and understanding of my fan-girlness. I told myself to be cool, but I just said, fuck it! It’s MATT FUCKING BARNES!

After our short video shoot was done, I searched high and low through the halls of Seneca. I was getting tired and hungry, ate a hot dog, talked to Tiffany and Danny in the halls and told them I just met Matt and that I’m trying to find the classroom where he was guest speaking in. Tiffany told me to check the Kaleidoscope room and she was RIGHT! (Thanks Tiffany!)

I then make my way over to the Kaleidoscope room. I was trying to find a way to go but I didn’t want to disturb them, especially since I’m not even in the IDP program (Independent Digital Photography). Ray saw me again creepily waiting outside the classroom and he invited me to come inside. (Thank you Ray! You are too kind!) It was Q&A time and I asked him some like 2 questions (OBVI, I had like a gazillion more questions but my hyper level was just up the roof!)

I listened attentively, busted out my notebook and took some notes and now I’m writing this blog post. I’m so glad to see my fellow Canadians following their passion, hustling everyday, putting out great work and getting recognition and appreciation for their art. It’s so inspiring to see how humble, funny and honest Matt was with the class as he spoke about his photography and life experiences.

I really needed this today. Those little reminders that people like this do exist in the world today and to just keep pushing no matter what obstacles come my way. Even when I feel like giving up, I try my best not to. But I still have my bad days like everyone else.

Thank you Matt. You seriously made my day.




PS: God really loves me and I have been getting some kick ass good karma lately. *Good job Julia!


Day 2 Shooting complete for our VANS Viral Video Project!

We braved the cold weather and we were lucky that this past weekend was good and didn’t snow again. Some small delays here and there but we managed to get work done. Now, time for editing! Progress and inspiration can be found on our group blog online at:

Stay tuned!

DMA411 – Magazine Layout & Interview with Ksignature

The challenge of this magazine layout assignment was to design using a grid and without a grid. I had 2 versions of my “no grid” layout and as much as I like the idea of designing asymmetrical, off page, full bleed, no exact spacing, I couldn’t help but measure and check back everything with a grid! I’m so used to placing guidelines everywhere on my drafts as if it were a tick. I still end up lining up my boxes together, making columns and playing around with the negative space.

The only changes I still need to tweak is to clean up my images more and maybe play around with the luminance tool and filters on Lightroom. However, my screen is not calibrated so colour editing is very limited. Here’s what I came up with so far.

PS: Thank you to the ever so patient stylist, Ksignature for allowing me pick at your brain with all my questions. The complete interview will be coming soon!

Can’t wait!

Can't wait!

// vainforvanity
// juliahilao
// ksignature

Pretty in Pink

Original Unedited Shot 1Shot 1 - EditedShot 1 - Colour Edited Ksignature_3edit

Model: Ksignature
Stylist: Ksignature
Photographer: Julia Hilao

Dress: GUESS
Shoes: Shoedazzle
Bracelet: vintage
Earrings: hand made wooden earrings
Watch: GUESS

My friend and I did a small photo shoot in the summer and I never got around to posting the pictures. Here is a small preview of the model and stylist with her summer outfit that she put together. The first image is the original picture with no edits at all. The second photo is the colour corrected image with the clone stamp and spot-healing brush tool. I removed the trees and cloned the floor to create a boxed in cement floor. I wasn’t too happy with the green colour so I fiddled with the luminance settings on Adobe Lightroom. I wanted to give the image more of an autumn look, while keeping the colour of the dress the same and really make it pop. I added some saturation and deeper golden and yellow tones for the grass. Since the model’s skin is a nice chocolate brown and she has blonde hair, I wanted to pick up on those highlights.

For posing, we wanted it to be funky and easy going. Most fashion shoots I see don’t have the models smiling at all. I wanted to keep the model relaxed and show her confidence in her own skin. Since the pink GUESS dress is very slinky and clings to the body, I wanted to emphasize her natural curves. A woman’s body is such a beautiful thing! I believe that a woman can still look beautiful, sexy and natural without baring it all.

Thank you Ksignature for an awesome first photo shoot. We will definitely have more in the near future.

Nuit Blanche 2013

Some shots from this year’s Nuit Blanche 2013.

Nuit Blanche 2013

Ferris Wheel, 2013
Katharine Harvey – Markham, Canada

Nuit Blanche 2013

Paper Orbs, 2013
Marcin Kedzior – Toronto, Canada
Christine Kim – Toronto, Canada
Performative Installation

Nuit Blanche 2013

Queen of the Parade, 2013
Lisa Anita Wegner – Toronto, Canada
Vanessa Lee Wishart – Toronto, Canada

Video, Fashion, Performance Art
Lisa Anita Wegner & Vanessa Lee Wishart: