DMA411 – Digital Dreams 2014 Poster

Part for my Print Production assignment is to continue the brochure assign and create a corresponding poster. I chose to do mine on Digital Dreams because of my new found love for EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

I kept the colour scheme very vibrant and close to the press photos from the website.


Papillon on the Park – Typography Rebranded

For our typography class, we had to choose a menu and redo the typography. I chose to do Papillon on the Park, located in Downtown Toronto. Their menu is simple and easy to read. I kept the typewriter font look but wanted to make it more elegant by adding a script font. I redesigned the name logo and added a butterfly. I forgot to get pictures of the final as I bounded it and made a cover using eska boards and and off-white rice paper for the cover. (Materials purchased from The Paper Place It was my first time using a power drill! (Thanks Daniel!) And I tied string to bind it instead of using screws.

Here is my final printed menu:

PBA Glue


Pressed leaves with white tissue paper and glue.

Cut & Paste

Cut & Paste

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The famous quote with a suitable graphic I found in a makeup magazine. I made this when Tumblr was getting really popular. I wanted to make my own quote/graphic sort of thing.

Picasso Inspired

Picasso Inspired

Digging through my old high school sketchbook and I saw this. I forgot I had so much old cut and paste magazine clippings I did. Very much like scrap booking, random images that catch my eye always finds a way into my things. I have collected several clippings (like this one) over the years and I like to try and find a way to make use of it. With the advancement and speed of new technology now, print is diminishing more and more. I, on the other hand, who ust embraced the virtual world for only a couple of years now, can’t to seem to let go of all my papers!

So it’s about time I transfer all of my work and put them online to share and archive with the world.

Here is one piece I did that’s inspired by Picasso. This is several magazine clippings of women and their facial features, showing different perspective to give a 3D feel.

Beauty in all its flaws and splendor

Beauty in all its flaws and splendor

I can’t recall where I found the quote. It was a few years back I found it online and I loved it so much, I decided to do something with the text.
I found this gorgeous picture of this model’s face and her eyes struck me. So I kept the text, rewrote it and pasted it on to make this. Ta da!