DMA411 – Magazine Layout & Interview with Ksignature

The challenge of this magazine layout assignment was to design using a grid and without a grid. I had 2 versions of my “no grid” layout and as much as I like the idea of designing asymmetrical, off page, full bleed, no exact spacing, I couldn’t help but measure and check back everything with a grid! I’m so used to placing guidelines everywhere on my drafts as if it were a tick. I still end up lining up my boxes together, making columns and playing around with the negative space.

The only changes I still need to tweak is to clean up my images more and maybe play around with the luminance tool and filters on Lightroom. However, my screen is not calibrated so colour editing is very limited. Here’s what I came up with so far.

PS: Thank you to the ever so patient stylist, Ksignature for allowing me pick at your brain with all my questions. The complete interview will be coming soon!


DMA411 – Digital Dreams 2014 Brochure

Because of my new love and appreciation of the EDM world, I dedicate my 8 page accordion fold brochure assignment to the crop-top wearing, neon strobe lights flashing, fist pumping action, beats blaring in your ears until you go absolutely deaf to Digital Dreams 2014. As much as I would love to attend this two-day event, I will probably not be able to go…although I really want to. (I’ll fist pump at home on my laptop. Sad).

*NOTE* All copy and images are taken from the website and Google Search.

Photography Credits: Jason Kwan, Nick Wons, No Copyright Infringement intended.  (Purely for school purposes).