DMA234 – Computer Graphics & Imaging


One of our first assignments for DMA234 is to compose and image made of 8 different layers using layer styles, colour correction and editing and masks.

For my final, I recreated an image that was taken of myself walking through a park in the fall. I added different layers such as a gate, bench, two dogs walking behind me, and a child and father riding their bikes ahead of me. I also played around with the colours and adjusted them to achieve an autumn look. I placed different coloured leaves to add movement and show distance between myself and the gate from a different perspective:


This is my final composition and the different layers on how I achieved this look.


I looked through my old photographs that I shot in the past and found this bench. I didn’t do much edits to it other than resizing it and placing it onĀ  my final composition.


This is an image I shot of a father and son biking through a path. This is the original image that I used to base my composition on. This is a cropper version of the whole scenery.


For the gate, I wanted to use something very realistic and something that I can easily clone. This original image is very dark and doesn’t have much highlights. I added the bevel and emboss layer style to make it more 3D. This enabled the brass to show some depth instead of looking too flat.


With this leaf, I duplicated it twice and played around with the exposure and hue to get an orangey look and a yellow tint. Then I re-sized and rotated the leaf to make it look different.


This image of me, shot by my friend, Paula is the original with no touch ups or colour edits. I cut myself out and erased the extra that I didn’t need using the lasso and the eraser tool. To get it cleaner, I zoomed it by 500% to ensure all the pixels I didn’t need were removed.


This butterscotch puppy, I duplicated it so there’s two dogs in my final image. With a little bit of dodging and burning and a drop shadow, it looks more realistic, instead of it just floating on the page.