DMA144 – Final Video Project

After finishing this final assignment, I finally understood just how tedious film making can be. I have a much deeper appreciation for those who work in production and behind the scenes. Working in a big team definitely had its challenges and fun moments. The end results were very rewarding once everything is done and put together. For this final project, we wanted to tap into a little bit of everything; directing an original script, video and sound editing, choosing the soundtracks, working in some special effects and having full creative control.

This short film takes place in a school setting, focusing on two students who are competing for a prestigious award in a science fair. With some light comedy and ethical issues, the two students experience challenges that test their wits, strengths and morality.

Click to watch final video: D.O.S.S
Click here and here to watch an extra scenes not included in the bloopers.

Shot with: Panasonic AG-AC160 AVCCAM HD Handheld Camcorder
Edited with: Adobe Premiere CS6 and Audtion CS6
Made By: Butler Productions
Ryan Cooper, Abdullah Noorzaie, Arif Khwaja, Perion Prince Peak