DMA133 – JARPEAS Final Project

Our final project for JARPEAS, our group decided to make a PowerPoint presentation and a short commercial to show the class. Unfortunately, class was cancelled and we were not able to present and show our awesome work that we finished.

The concept was to take an existing Coca-Cola product and re-brand its identity. We chose the V8 drink and came up with a way to possibly market it to children and their parents. The overall message was to “V8, Feel Great!” and promote a healthy and active lifestyle. We brainstormed ideas and came up with these cute, little characters (drawn and illustrated by Arif Khwaja):

Here are the the poster ideas we had. The first one, we voted that it was too dark and wanted a much more vibrant background. We omitted the dark black and yellow gradient and removed all the germs from the top and placed a few on the floor. We put the latest packaging of the V8 drink in a plastic bottom and placed in on a white background with the yellow gradient. Because there were already so many elements to the poster, we removed the catch phrase “Feel Great!” and used it for the commercial instead.

In order to catch the attention of children, we made vegetables come to life and something that they can easily identify. Making the spinach, carrot, and tomato super-hero like, it makes eating vegetables cool and fun! Making the V8 drink more kid-friendly, we definitely wanted it to be different and stand out.

Click to watch

Click image to play video: Short Flash animation commercial by Ryan Cooper

Group Members:
Ryan Cooper
Julia Hilao
Arif Khwaja
Steven Lopez
Allex Normandeau
Perion Peak
Emilie Wong


Boy Cartoon Exercise

Original Boy CartoonDMA 133 - Boy cartoon screenshotDMA133-jhilao-boyCartoon

The original boy cartoon | My screenshot progress | And the final product.

First Illustration Exercise

First Illustration Exercise

I made a pencil in class!